House of Curry in Rosemount is Our New Favorite Takeout Spot

Street food straight outta Sri Lanka

We admit we’ve been a little absentee the last few weeks — big work projects, baby stuff, blah blah blah. On a practical level, that means we’ve been eating a lot of takeout.

Our favorite new-to-us spot is House of Curry, a casual Sri Lankan restaurant in Rosemount. We can’t stop thinking about the amazing egg and lamb kottu we ordered recently. The traditional Sri Lankan street food is made with chopped and shredded Godhamba roti, sautéed vegetables, and onion and was as tasty as any kottu we’ve eaten in Colombo. We spiced it up with a heaping helping of coconut sambal and finished with watalappan, a jiggly Sri Lankan pudding made with jaggery, coconut milk, and eggs.

Next time we get takeout there, we’ll try the herbaceous rasam soup and string hoppers with coconut milk fish curry. Eyes closed, it’s like an instant ticket to Galle.

House of Curry
3420 150th St. W., Rosemount, MN; 651-344-7744.