Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 141: Wrecktangle Pizza

We got nothin' but love for these Detroit-style pies

Just when you thought the Twin Cities’ pizza scene couldn’t get any better (holla Boludo, Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola, and Mucci’s Italian), in steps Wrecktangle Pizza.⁣

Opened at the tail end of 2019 in Minneapolis’ newest food hall, North Loop Galley, Wrecktangle is the passion project of pizza obsessive Jeff Rogers. The Minnesota native got his start working the line at the short-lived Prairie Ale House, jumped to the kitchen at Eat Street Social, and sharpened his bartending skills at Constantine.⁣

“Cocktails are just wet food,” says Rogers, “so I applied the same flavors from cooking food to getting people intoxicated. Like I like pickles, so I made a pickle cocktail with Dill aquavit, cucumbers, lemon, and vinegar.”⁣

Pickles take on another deeply Minnesotan role at Wrecktangle: the pickle roll-up, a.k.a. Lutheran sushi, that sits atop Rogers’ Sotalicious pizza. The rest of the ingredients — mushroom cream, peas, ground beef, cheddar-jack, and tater tots — are an homage to hot dish. Even better is the Shredder, a par excellence pie with perfectly curled pepperoni cups, pickled chilies, saucy marinara, salty Pecorino, whipped honey from Cry Baby Craig’s, and a proprietary blend of Wisconsin brick cheese and mozzarella. ⁣

Salivating yet? Wait till you try the crust! Holy moly, the Detroit-style dough — a cross between oily, dense focaccia and nostalgic deep dish from Pizza Hut — rockets us to the moon. The sauce is spooned on top of the cheese and each 8” x 10” masterpiece is baked in a steel pan. It make look small but two pies are plenty for two people, with enough squares leftover for the World’s Best Lunch.⁣ 🍕❤️

We can’t wait to go back – and to sample the food from other North Loop Galley tenants, including Ono Hawaiian Plates (Kalua pork, poke bowls), SoulFu (Jambalaya-stuffed peppers, duck mac & cheese), and Thigh Times, home of “tato tenders,” a.k.a. chicken strips coated in potato chips.

Wrecktangle Pizza
North Loop Galley, 729 Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN; no phone.