Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 14: Hunt & Gather

Vintage to the letter

Hunt & Gather has been selling eye-catching letters from old signs for more than 15 years; today there are thousands to choose from, available in every size, color, and typeface. Owner Kristi Stratton buys the letters from eight separate sign companies, but regular folk drop them off, too. The parking lot to the right of her double-decker, 15-dealer shop looks like Alphabet Soup in the warmer months, with letters piled waist high. Navigating the chaos is half the fun.

Inside the overstuffed “vintage amusement store,” you’ll find even more letters peppered throughout the mishmash of old-school awesomeness: Northwoods taxidermy, stately fox-and-hound paintings, Roman busts, Brownie Box cameras, wooden skis, Gluek’s Beer bottle openers, dozens of brightly colored oil clothes, and more. Dig and ye shall receive.

Hunt & Gather
4944 Xerxes Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN; 612-455-0250.