You Need This Pacita Abad Retrospective In Your Life

Walker Art Center knocked this one out of the park

The first-ever Pacita Abad retrospective at Walker Art Center is midway through its run. If you haven’t checked out the show already, try to go before it wraps up on September 3.

Abad, a Filipino artist who moved to the United States in 1970 to escape political persecution under the Marcos regime, was best known for her trapuntos, a type of quilted painting made by stitching and stuffing the canvas rather than stretching it over a wood frame. Look closely and you can see T-shirts, wristwatches, buttons, jewelry, and other three-dimensional objects woven right into the richly detailed works.

Abad passed away in 2004; this exhibition features more than 100 colorful works spanning her 32-year career, many of which have never been displayed in the U.S. When she learned how to scuba dive, she produced a series inspired by the vibrant worlds she encountered underwater; other pieces explore heavier themes of immigration, oppression, and xenophobia. There are costumes, ceramics, works on paper, and, of course, some of the most exuberant textiles we’ve ever laid eyes on.

10/10, would go again and again!

Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Pl., Minneapolis, MN; 612-375-7600.