Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 158: Vikings & Goddesses

Nobody doesn't like these pies

Baking is everyone’s new favorite quarantine hobby, but our amateur-hour pie crusts can’t hold a candle to what’s coming out of the kitchen at Vikings & Goddesses.⁣

Former Bellecour and Birchwood Cafe baker Rachel Anderson started V&G as a pop-up in 2019 while managing the carb-tastic kitchen at Market House Collaborative. Her pastries made cameos at Able Seedhouse + Brewery, Rustica Bakery, Dogwood Coffee Co., and Linden Hills Farmers Market, but she switched to a Tuesdays-only, contactless delivery model in late March. (Thanks, COVID-19.)⁣

The broccoli- and three-cheese quiche pictured up top was made using V&G’s frozen pie crust. A tender, flaky, crimped shell costs $4 — a steal considering its star ingredient is Minnesota-made butter from Hope Creamery. Unlike the lackluster pie shells you might get from Sara Lee, Anderson’s handiwork is rich and layered and delicious enough to eat naked.⁣

Pie crusts aren’t the only goodies in the V&G arsenal. There’s a rotating menu; if you order by Sunday at 10 p.m., you can have pain au chocolate (French for chocolate croissant), buttermilk biscuits, or something equally delightful delivered to you the following Tuesday.⁣

Anderson’s husband — Spoon and Stable alum Yojiro Moro — has also been flexing his flour power and making fresh pasta. His linguini, rigatoni, and gemelli are priced to move (into your mouth) at $5 per pound.⁣

If you don’t wanna cook at all, know that V&G sells ready-to-devour pies in seasonal flavors like orange rhubarb, carrot coconut custard, honey chess kicked up with Ames Farm honey from Minnesota, and key lime made with real key lime juice.⁣

They also run a pupusa-and-pie or empanada-and-pie special for $40. That’s six pupusas (black bean, cheese, or 50/50) or a three-pack of par-baked beef or spinach empanadas from the wonderful Quebracho, plus a whole pie of your choosing, for $40. We know we sound like an infomercial but damn, that’s a deal! Free delivery throughout the Twin Cities, too. Y’all know what to do 💻⬇️ 🔜🥧❤️ vikingsandgoddessespiecompany.com.