Tess the Doula to the ‘Fourth Trimester’ Rescue

Her services are a life raft in the hurricane of new parenthood

Do you know a new parent or someone who is expecting? Meet our friend Tess Olson, a.k.a. Tess the Doula (or @tessthemindfuldoula on Instagram), a Minneapolis-based postpartum doula who focuses on the “fourth trimester” — the blur of months that fall right on the heels of childbirth.

Tess grew up in Champaign, Illinois, as one of four siblings. Her youngest sister was adopted from China when Tess was 5 and she still remembers snuggling with her and helping out with diaper changes. “I’ve always enjoyed looking after others,” she says.

Fast forward to 2021. After working in Corporate America for eight years, Tess gave birth to her first child, Owen, last April. It bugged her to see how much support she received throughout pregnancy (all those prenatal appointments!), but the minute her son was born—she got a six-week checkup and that was that.


”New parents are experiencing so many firsts throughout the newborn phase, it’s overwhelming,” says Tess. That’s when her calling to support families became clear.

As a postpartum doula, Tess assists with newborn care, household organization, and meal prep—but don’t confuse her for a nanny. “Nannies are focused on providing care for the baby,” says Tess. “A postpartum doula’s main priority is the birthing person or parents’ overall well-being. While we do spend time with the baby, we are there to provide informational, emotional, and practical support to parents. We are also trained to look out for potential mental health concerns, and refer to specialists if something is out of scope. Postpartum doulas also act as a ‘Google filter’ so that new parents do not find themselves lost in the great abyss that is the internet when searching for answers or solutions.”


From double swaddling and dealing with colic to setting up a meal train and learning to love your postpartum body, Tess is all in. She offers virtual and in-person services, as well as hourly daytime and overnight support. An eight-week package, for example, features two prenatal and six postpartum sessions and includes unlimited text and phone support. Seeking a whole community? Join Tess’ First Time Moms’ Group, a six-week virtual support group meeting over Zoom starting July 14.

“It is so gratifying to see new parents practice and grow their skills,” says Tess. “The transformation from when the baby is born to when we wrap up is wonderful to witness, and I feel so honored to be part of parents’ journeys through the ups and downs.”

To schedule a consultation, visit tessthedoula.com or email hello@tessthedoula.com.