Reasons to Love
Minnesota No. 100: You

It's the people that make the place

Seriously. We’re not being suck ups. When we stop and think about why we moved to Minnesota in February 2018, our top reason remains the same: We really, really, really like the people. And it’s kinda funny, because a lot of folks warned us that we’d have a hard time making friends here. They said locals would be pleasant enough (“Minnesota nice”), but that we could forget ever connecting on a deeper level. Born-and-raised Minnesotans, they warned, kept the same circle of friends from elementary school through adulthood. The running joke: Minnesotans will give you anything except directions to their house.⁣

And yet, that hasn’t been our experience. We’ve met fabulously friendly people here: fellow writers and editors and podcast producers, nurses, school teachers, shopkeepers, chefs, musicians, museum guides, meteorologists, even a few hearty Viking fishermen.⁣

If traveling full-time for 3.5 years before moving to the Twin Cities taught us anything, it’s that most people are good people. Put positive vibes out in the world and you get positive vibes back. ⁣

We are constantly inspired by the great work people do here, the small businesses they run, the passion they pour into their arts and hobbies, and their willingness to support fellow movers, doers, makers, and shakers. (Shine Theory in action!)⁣

So, thank you Minnesotans for being awesome. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. Thank you for cementing our belief that this is the most underrated state in America. Whether you’ve always lived here, moved away and come back, or you’re a transplant like us, we salute you… and we’ll happily give you directions to our house. Who’s down for a summer barbecue?⁣