Rawr Organics Has Mastered the Protein Bar

All flavor, no junk

Dear hikers: If you don’t have a Rawr Organics bar tucked into your daypack when you hit the trail, your mouth is missing out.

A few years ago, fitness-obsessed couple Jake and Rachel Beaudry re-engineered their diets to focus on whole foods. They cut out artificial sweeteners, most dairy (including cheese, milk, and whey protein), synthetic vitamins, fortified fibers, and preservatives. They were feeling real good but noticed a gap in the market when it came to energy bars. The Beaudrys searched everywhere for an organic, plant-based bar that was high in protein, low in sugar, with “no fake anything,” and actually tasted great. They came up empty-handed, so they did what any ambitious, boot-strapping entrepreneurs with professional bodybuilding experience would do: They made their own.

Rawr Organics launched in 2018 as a gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free alternative to the sugar bombs that dominated the energy world. Each bar starts with the same eight ingredients: pea protein, nut or seed butter, raw coconut nectar, ground flax seed, cold-pressed coconut oil, 72% dark chocolate, blackstrap molasses, and Himalayan pink sea salt. That base is then kicked up with spices, dried fruit, essential oils, and other good stuff.

The flavors are fun (think: Banana + Nut, Pumpkin + Pecan, Lemon Poppy, Dark Chocolate + Almond Butter, Double Dark Chocolate + Mint, etc.) and the bars pack in 18 to 21 grams of protein per serving. Ten percent of Rawr’s proceeds benefit organizations tackling childhood food insecurity and the company’s longer-term goal is to develop a meal replacement bar and a one-for-one model like Tom’s shoes. For every bar sold, another will go to a child in need.

We first learned about these #MNMade bars from Colin Anderson, owner of Eureka Compass Vegan Food in St. Paul. You can also buy them at Vertical Endeavors, Fly Feet Running, Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, many local gyms and yoga studios and health food stores, and online at rawrorganics.com. We recommend starting with a sampler pack of six, seven, or 10 flavors for $17.95 to $29.95 and buying in bulk thereafter, once you figure out your favorite flavors.

Note: These aren’t the shelf-stabilized, apocalypse-ready doorstops you find in supermarkets. Rawr Bars should be refrigerated so they’re ready to rock whenever you are. 💪