Border Crossing: Oliphant Brewing

A day-trippable cult brewery in Somerset, Wisconsin

Sorry to break it to you, Stillwater, but our favorite brewery in your neck of the woods is actually located across state lines (😱 the horror!).⁣

Matt Wallace and head brewer Trevor Wirtnanen founded Oliphant Brewing in a former 7-Up bottling factory in Somerset, Wisconsin about five years ago, and have slowly but surely built a cult following in the Twin Cities with their weekly crowler drops at local bottle shops like the Ale Jail, Cork Dork, and Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits. ⁣

Oliphant stands out in our saturated beer market for a couple reasons: (1) Jeremy Hughes’ can art is so creepy and peculiar it deserves its own comic book, and (2) Wirtnanen’s restless, small-batch recipes seem to change every week. The crowler that’s captured above is one of our favorites: a Super Squishy blackberry, raspberry, and coconut sour blessed with saline kisses and a soft lactose finish.

Swing by Oliphant’s taproom for other gussied-up golden ales, idiosyncratic IPAs, and fruit-forward sours, then shake off your Wisconsin shame in downtown Stillwater with dinner at Feller or MatchStick Restaurant & Spirits. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you were fraternizing with Packers fans all day. 🤫

Oliphant Brewing
350 Main St., #2, Somerset, WI; 651-705-6070.