Mousse Sparkling Wine Introduces Minnesota’s First Pét Nat

Bring on the fireworks!

If you’re looking for a bottle of bubbly to cut through the fat this Fourth of July, we can’t think of a better local option than Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.‘s recent Pét Nat collaboration with Libation Project.

Mousse Les Bulles Nordiques is the closest Minnesota has come to embracing natural wine firsthand — a sparkling, low-sugar expression of what happens when Itasca grapes are hand-harvested, pressed, and bottled before its primary fermentation process finishes. That’s where all those bubbles come from — the fruit itself. Kinda like how a jar of sauerkraut or kombucha sputters and spurts once its little organisms start eating sugar.

It’s aliiiiiive, in other words, and a perfect starting point for appreciating the state’s only spot devoted to producing sparkling wine. Check out their tasting room in downtown Jordan or grab your own small-batch sipper at Henry & Son, Dabbler Depot, or South Lyndale Liquors, which all open for last-minute booze runs.

Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.
115 1st St. E, Jordan, MN; 952-452-8162.