Molly Yeh Opens Her First Restaurant in East Grand Forks

The popular blogger and cookbook author dips a spoon into hospitality

She writes best-selling cookbooks (“Molly on the Range,” “Home Is Where the Eggs Are”) and stars in the popular Food Network show “Girl Meets Farm.” Now the Minnesota-based food blogger Molly Yeh can add restaurateur to her resume.

Bernie’s in East Grand Forks, five hours northwest of the Twin Cities, was co-founded by Yeh and her husband, Juilliard grad-turned-sugar beet farmer Nick Hagen. The laidback café serves breakfast, lunch, and happy hour.

Creative toasts are topped with white bean and whitefish; smoothies come in intriguing flavors like strawberry halva; a breakfast smörgåsbord features a soft-boiled egg with ham or smoked salmon, rugbrød, cheese, cornichons, butter, and jam; and there’s even knoephla soup, a chicken-rich North Dakotan specialty. (The border is just minutes away after all.)

Minnevangelist co-founder Andrew Parks asked Yeh about her favorite spots in East Grand Forks and beyond over at Explore Minnesota. His full Q+A includes nods to the walleye sandwich at The Blue Moose Bar & Grill, the “crunchy, cracker-y” square-cut crust at Mike’s Pizza & Pub, the grocery store greatness of Hugo’s Family Marketplace, and why Bemidji is one of her favorite places to summer.

121 Demers Ave., East Grand Forks, MN; 218-230-2960.