The Ultimate Minnevangelist Gift Guide, Part IV: Wellness

Astro candles, CBD oil, and zero-waste meditation pillows

Wellness means different things to different people. For us, it’s a catch-all term encompassing health and fitness, beauty and apothecary, spa treatments, herbal medicine, spirituality and the occult, environmental and sustainable living, plant care, self-care, and a million other things. ⁣⁣
Which makes us wonder: Where do you seek wellness in Minnesota? And more importantly, how do you give a wellness gift to someone else? ⁣

Is it a gift certificate for a deep-tissue massage at Tula Spa, followed by turmeric lemonade and a macro bowl at Tao Cafe & Herbery? ⁣⁣Is it a marbled ceramic pipe from Duke Albert? Tibetan cymbals and chakra-aligning rose quartz from Khazana? Eco-friendly skincare products from Tare Market, Minnesota’s first zero-waste and refill boutique? ⁣⁣
Or maybe it’s gifting them a spot at an “Elements of Queer Astrology” workshop at The Future, an acupuncture appointment at The Medicine Tree, a lesson in breathwork to be used at Worker B Wellness’ new beeswax meditation room, or a yin yoga session and Cha Dao tea ceremony at Yess Yoga Studio? ⁣⁣

Or! Or! Or! How about a mood-boosting plant from Mother Co., Tonkadale, Tangletown Gardens, or the newly opened Fractal Cactus shop? Though if nature is their ride-or-die, maybe it’s a membership to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum or a sweet IOU to hit up some lakes and parks and XC ski trails together? It could even be a tandem fat bike, if that’s a thing? (That probably shouldn’t be a thing.)⁣⁣
Brick-and-mortar stores aside, we’re huge fans of Minnesota makers and designers. What follows is the fourth installment in our seven-part Ultimate Minnevangelist Gift Guide, dedicated to helping you help the ones you love get centered (or at least look good trying).

1. Textile designer Maggie Dimmick of Ethel Studio uses recycled fabrics and buckwheat-hull filling to make her one-of-a-kind, zero-waste meditation cushions ($148).

2. The Nave Ceremony Bowl Kit ($34) from House of Heartland in Minneapolis includes a small ceramic vessel and Gold Moss Spirit Brightening Body Oil, made with organic patchouli, French pine, grapefruit, yang-ylang, and tea tree and sunflower oils.

3. Grapefruit Raw Honey Scrub ($29) from Worker B Wellness at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. Sugar and pumice slough away dead skin cells, while organic jojoba and rosehip oils help moisturize.

4. We 💗 this incense burner ($55, including a bundle of palo santo) from NICE NICE in Minneapolis.

5. Megan Burke Harris of Tinyloud Creative Co. in Minneapolis also makes pretty incense burners ($25 each; millennial pink FTW!) and Namaste-channeling ceramic ring dishes ($38) like those pictured at the top of this post.

6. For some folks, journaling is therapeutic. This 5” x 3” leather travel journal ($25) is from Wayfaring Goods in St. Paul.

7. For others, it’s taking a moment to tell friends and family why they’re thankful that they’re in their life. These Blank Fog Over Water note cards ($12 for a set of five) are from Minneapolis artist Colleen Elizabeth.

8. Plants make wonderful gifts and so does the housemade organic cactus fertilizer concentrate ($22) from Mother Co. in Minneapolis.

9. Here’s an idea for the New Age-y plant parent: quartz-tipped plant picks from Lexie Rundquist of Aerow Handmade in Moorhead. Starting at $20, these recycled metal picks bring all the good vibes!

10. Know someone who needs to unwind? Buy ’em some “me” time in the healing Himalayan Salt Room at SALT in St. Louis Park. A 45-minute session is $35, or treat them to a four-pack for $105.

11. Or better yet, give them everything they need to turn their bathroom into a home spa. This lovely Bathing Tea ($14.99) from Ital Vibrations in Minneapolis is made with mugwort, bladderwrack, and hops flowers. Use it in the bathtub, as a foot soak, or in a hair rinse. Sold online and at The Future and Tao Cafe & Herbery.

12. Other sweet gifts for the person who likes to spa at home: Lake Superior Mineral Clay Exfoliating Mask ($37) from Santosha Co. Look for it in the organic beauty shop at Tula Spa.

13. Also this Detox Face Mask powder ($22) from Sustainyoself, a “low-waste, plant-based” natural bodycare line from Minneapolis sisters Geevie and Sophia. One jar produces more than 25 masks, and includes activated charcoal to cox out toxins and combat acne. Order online or find it at the Eastside Food Co-Op and Tare Market in Minneapolis.

14. Sustainyoself makes these pretty tinted lip balms ($12) with compostable packaging, too — a great stocking stuffer that doubles as a cheek stain!

15. Check it out: a zero-waste shave set (on sale for $38) from Sebesta Apothecary in Minneapolis. Includes a hand-tooled wood shaving bowl carved from naturally fallen elm, oak, and box elder trees; a humanely sourced horsehair shave brush; and a clay-and-oatmeal shave bar.

16. And for your bearded pals: Revitalizing beard oil ($28) from Julia Elise. It smells like cedarwood, sweet orange, carrot seed, and frankincense. In other words, it smells amazing.

17. Know what else smells amazing? This pink pepper wood fragrance from 1000 Flowers perfumer in Grasse, France. It was introduced to the Twin cities by pop-up regular Jen Knoch of From Grasse With Love.

18. CBD is a big part of some folks’ wellness routines. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil from Saintly City Supply Co. in St. Paul is $89.95 for 750mg or $149.95 for 1500mg. It’s made with organically grown hemp, and contains less than 0.3 percent THC.

19. Zebra wood smoking pipe ($13.98) with brass screen, hand-carved by Southern Quality Wood Concepts in Ramsey.

20. For the spirit seekers and others who could use centering: a calming “Under the Moon” block print ($45) from Lizzie Christian of RarePress in Minneapolis.

21. Rainbow ombré naturally dyed meditation eye pillow ($26) from Libby London of Northern Dyer in Minneapolis. Filled with organic flax and lavender essential oil.

22. Blue Chamomile Face Moisturizer ($24) from Romina Takimoto of ROMI Apothecary in St. Paul. Good news: Carousel + Folk now stocks Romi!

23. Organic calendula salve ($9.75 for 1 oz.) made with natural beeswax and flowers grown in the Rogers, Minnesota backyard of botanical jewelry designer flôrəl.

24. Another 💯stocking stuffer: creamy, whipped shea nut body butter ($10 for 6 oz. or $18 for 12 oz.) from skincare newcomer Basic Butta in Minneapolis. Available in rose, peppermint, jasmine, patchouli lilac, eucalyptus lemongrass, and lemon lavender.

25. Is your giftee into astrology? The Future sells mists ($11-$28) for every sign. Shout-out to our Sags: The concoction above is made with Buhl water from the Iron Range and laced with essential oils of birch, rosemary, clove, and juniper.

26. Astrological constellation diffuser ($22) from Noche Candle Co. in Minneapolis. Cancer = grapefruit, mangosteen, sea salt, and cypress tree. Virgo = white tea and vetiver.

27. Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck ($35) from Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. The second edition of the specially commissioned boxed set includes work by 100 international artists.

28. Yep, even more stocking stuffers for your favorite wellness fiend! Balance Bars ($4.99 a pop) from Cosmic Cacao are made with organic raw Peruvian cacao, raw local honey, energizing Macarenas root, soothing lavender, and Himalayan pink sea salt.

29. Single-use Detox face masks ($4) from Oya Beauty in St. Paul are made with earthy stuff like volcanic ash, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and coffee.

30. Handmade malas from St. Paul-based yoga and meditation teacher Sapphire Healing. DM for price info on custom orders.

31. Moon Tonic Blend ($17.99) from Tao Cafe & Herbery in Minneapolis. A calming herbal potion made with tongue-numbing kava root. Drink with milk and honey!

32. For the friend who needs to purge and energize their home: Ritual Smudge Spray ($18) from Celestia Aromatherapy in St. Paul. The earthy scent is redolent of cedarwood, amber, palo santo, and sage.

33. Last lil’ stocking stuffer suggestion: a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner set from HiBAR in Minneapolis. No plastic, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or silicones!

34. We can’t talk about wellness without talking about the environment. Take a look at this zero-waste holiday market kit ($62.99) from Tare Market. It’s everything your nearest and dearest need to get started living a more sustainable lifestyle. It includes a bamboo straw set, bamboo travel utensil set, market produce bag, cotton produce bag, net produce bags, beeswax wrap, and a string bag.

35. And finally, we’re guessing you know at least a few folks who define wellness as maintaining an active outdoors lifestyle. For them, we give you this: A customizable Tennessean from Merrimack Canoe Company in Winona. Your giftee can choose the body, ribs, trim, seats, yoke, thwarts, and more, starting at $3,350.

36. Our fearless Boundary Waters guide Aaron Shaffer vouched for this 17-foot, BWCA-inspired Sports & Leisure canoe (from $2,899) from Winona’s Wenonah Canoe. “It’s ideal for a two-person, four-to-seven-day trip,” he says.

37. While you’re at it, how about a Nordlys Double Bent paddle ($230) — made with aspen, cedar, and walnut — from Duluth woodworker Josh Rude of Glørud Design?

38. Or given the weather in Minnesota, the fat-tire Ice Cream Truck bicycle ($2,000) from Surly Bikes, also available at Angry Catfish. Our buddy Aaron thinks this would make a fine gift for bicyclists and he would know — he represents Ward 8 on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee.

39. Don’t feel comfortable selecting a bike for another person? Let them design their own! The Custom Bike Gift Box from Handsome Cycles Co. in Minneapolis starts at $649.95. You choose the type of handlebar you think your giftee would want (city vs. road) and how many speeds it’ll have (single through 16). They choose the rest, including the their frame set, size, and color. They can even upgrade/downgrade to different models and add accessories. Pretty cool, huh?

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