The Sans Rival at Kalsada Is Next Level

Along with everything else on the Filipino restaurant's menu

Behold the Sans Rival from Kalsada, a modern Filipino restaurant on Selby Avenue, just a couple of blocks west of Up Six Vintage, The Naughty Greek, and Rose Street Patisserie. Kalsada means “street” in Filipino and the restaurant was founded by partners Leah Raymundo and John Occhiato, the brains behind beloved Cafe Astoria and Stella Belle.

But back to the cake. This ceiling-scraping creation is as tall as it looks, alternating layers of cashew meringue with ube (purple yam), buttercream, and chopped nuts. On the side: a scoop of grassy-sweet pandan ice cream. One slice is big enough to feed two people—or more, if you’ve already stuff yourself silly with all the other deliciousness Kalsada has to offer.

Our favorite dishes to date include the kinilaw, coconut- and citrus-marinated ahi tuna tartare with juicy dragonfruit and crispy rice chips; lumpia Shanghai, cigar-sized crispy pork- and water chestnut-stuffed egg rolls served with banana ketchup for dunking; smashed purple yams with coconutty kale, collard greens, and Swiss chard; and the sublime bola bola Siomai, porky pot stickers with earthy shiitake mushrooms, salted black beans, crispy garlic, and bok choy. The cocktails are pretty darn special too: One Boracay Island (Tanduay Gold rum, pandan, sweet vermouth, calamansi, and lime), coming right up. 🍹

We can’t wait to go back and try the sizzling chicken sisig and longganisa burger. And yeah — definitely another slice of Sans Rival.

1668 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN; 651-340-0496.