And the Cutest Instagram Account in Minnesota Goes to…

Hank & Rico!

🚨 Important PSA 🚨 If you’re a dog lover and not following Hank & Rico, you’re not living your best Instagram life.

This is seriously our favorite dog account in Minnesota—and possibly the world. We’re betting it’ll be yours too after spending some QT with Hank, an enormous 2-year-old Weimaraner, and his teensy BFF Rico, a long-haired dachshund pup.


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The brothers from another mother belong to Jon Wipfli, cookbook author and chef-owner of Animales Barbecue Co., and they’re practically inseparable. They nap together. They destroy toys together. They even wear matching blaze orange Carhartt vests and play in the woods together.

Their relationship is pure joy—everything good about social media and none of the garbage. (Though fair warning: Your head might 🤯 from all the cuteness.)