Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 105: Greg’s Meats

You can't beat this meat

⁣Big into protein since 1978, Greg’s Meats in Hampton has produced 260 national and state champion sausages and smoked meats to date—including 15 Grand Champion ribbons from the Minnesota State Fair. Owner Greg Endres is so respected in the 🥩 game, in fact, he was inducted into the Cured Meat Hall of Fame (an actual thing!) in 2007.

The sheer variety of beef, pork, and poultry on offer at this emporium is astounding: mild Swedish potato sausage, summer sausage, Andouille rings, hot honey bacon, little smokies, cheesy hash brown brats, grilling bacon, T-Bones, thuringer, pulled pork, ring bologna, smoked ham, chuck roasts, cheddar dogs… If you can dream it, someone at Greg’s probably already stuffed it into a grinder and squeezed it into tube form.⁣⁣

Greg's Meats

And don’t even get us started on the jerky. Holy mother of god, this stuff must be air-dropped from the heavens. If you’ve never had it before, try the National Grand Champion first. From there you can go down the rabbit hole sampling ground pork teriyaki jerky, sun-dried tomato basil turkey strips, and Minnesota beef sticks made with wild rice, sunflower seeds, honey, and cranberries. Some varieties are sold in a 24-hour vending machine located outside the shop, along with squeaky-fresh cheese curds.⁣⁣

Meaty glory aside, Greg & Friends turn out picnic fixins, too, including German potato salad, creamy coleslaw, hamburger beans, spreadable cheese, and goulash. And if you’re thinking ‘bout cooking a half or whole hog, or maybe a beef quarter, Greg’s has you covered. The plant can even process whole deer and bear carcasses brought in by licensed hunters.

Greg’s Meats
6028 250th St. E., Hampton, MN; 507-263-3373.