Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 101: Gohan

Understated sushi packs big flavors

Sushi bowls and burritos are taken to another level at Gohan, a sleek gunmetal trailer that looks more like a mobile omakase counter than an ordinary grab-and-go food stand. ⁣

Co-founder Christi Kue designed the bullet-shaped kiosk to seat up to six diners on each side. The ingenious setup is mostly used for classes and catering — including hand roll, poke, and nigiri programs — but that doesn’t lessen how cool it looks in person on a non-teaching day.⁣ It also helps that Christi’s husband, chef and co-owner Kou Kue, has more than 15 years of experience working in local sushi restaurants. His approach is delicate and restrained, never showy or Californified. (You won’t find his seafood drowning in spicy mayo or sugary eel sauce, for example.)

The fresh chirashi bowl pictured at the top of this post was prepared with thick slices of spiced yellowtail, scallions, cilantro, garlic, ginger, pickled daikon, crisp jalapeño wheels, dabs of wasabi, and a dropper filled with a light citrus soy sauce made in-house. So fresh, so clean, so delicious.⁣

Other popular items on the Gohan menu include a sushi combo of chef-selected nigiri and hosomaki (raw fish wrapped in sheets of nori); a blackened salmon bowl beautifully presented with garlic, ginger, scallions, and ponzu sauce; and traditional hand-rolled temaki that looks like an ice cream cone but tastes like the sea. Follow Gohan’s Instagram account for updates on when they’ll be rolling through your area; chance encounters include the Mill City and Kingfield farmers markets, and the occasional appearance downtown.