Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 185: GiveMN

Happy Give to the Max Day, everyone!

Nonprofits are so beloved here, they get their own dang holiday. 

Today is Give to the Max Day. It was founded in 2009 by GiveMN, a nonprofit for nonprofits, and raised an incredible $14 million in its first 24 hours. Now, thousands of organizations participate, bringing much-needed money and attention to every imaginable cause. 

The day’s primary reason for existing is to make donating fun and easy. And so far, it’s worked. In Give to the Max Day’s first decade of life, more than 300,000 donors distributed nearly $200 million between 10,000 different nonprofits and schools. 🎉 

Take Wilderness Inquiry, for example. Its primary objective is to open up the great outdoors — and all its attendant healing powers — to adventurers of all ages and backgrounds. A quick scan of GiveMN’s search page uncovers oodles more like them, broken down by location or sub-categories such as BIPOC-led organizations; groups that have been significantly impacted by the pandemic; and dollar-to-dollar matched donations, should you demand more bang for your gifting buck. 

GiveMN’s efforts don’t begin and end with Give to the Max Day, either. Its website is a cornerstone of the state’s nonprofit community, offering dedicated informational pages with photo galleries, videos, social media handles, etc., for nearly 34,000 causes. Nascent small- and mid-sized organizations can also learn how this whole fundraising thing works via a solutions portal and the coaching services of GiveMN’s sister company, RaiseMN. 

Where are you donating this #GTMD20? Tell us which MN nonprofits are on your radar over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and let’s spread the love far and wide!