Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 6: The Foundry Home Goods

Thoughtfully designed objects that make your life better

After a five-year run in the North Loop, The Foundry Home Goods owner Anna Hillegass moved her cultishly revered housewares shop to sunny new digs in South Minneapolis. Though she was in excellent company before—just a snowball’s throw from Askov Finlayson, The Bachelor Farmer, and Spoon and Stable—her new space fits nicely into the Tangletown shopping scene, a perfect complement to dapper menswear boutique BlackBlue and fashion powerhouse Mille.

Foundry’s 2.0 interior is still a Marie Kondo dream: crisp, minimal, timeless. Every item Hillegass sells has a utilitarian purpose, but it’s also just pretty to look at. Take those clean-burning beeswax candles, for instance. They’re handcrafted in pillar, taper, votive, and hexagonal shapes by local maker Kate Ellis, a fourth-generation organic beekeeper and founder of Old Mill Candles. They burn forever and smell deliciously of golden honey.

Also for sale: elegant French linens, delicate Japanese incense, sleek Italian staplers, Swedish sponge clothes, jute storage baskets, tweed dog leashes, milky white porcelain plates and bowls hand-thrown by ceramicist Tracie Hervy, and other “simple, useful, and beautiful objects for the home.” Does anyone really need a German beechwood dish brush with horsehair bristles? Nah. But oh, the pure joy that swells up inside our little hearts when we use it to scrub out a burnt pan!

The Foundry Home Goods
322 W. 48th St., Minneapolis, MN; 612-333-8484.