Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 59: Fellas Haberdashery & Salon

A cut above the rest

Unlike the many barbershops that cashed in on that Mad Men buzz, Fellas Haberdashery & Salon in St. Paul doesn’t overdo it with nostalgia trips or hyper-masculine gimmicks like free whisky and fresh cigars. That’s because owner and head barber Justin Iovinella (pictured above with his mother/receptionist Alicia) is more concerned with keeping his clients happy than chasing trends. ⁣

“When we first opened, I wanted Fellas to feel authentic, not forced, fake, or stuffy,” says the New Jersey native, who moved to Minnesota nearly 30 years ago. “I’m a little old-school, but I appreciate the present and am open to the changes the future brings, so I wanted a space that gives a respectful nod to the past while keeping a modern vibe.”

That explains why his small Mac-Groveland space never come across as dated or elitist. Fellas is the right kind of throwback—classy, not cliché (see: the exposed brick and Edison bulbs of some farm-to-table restaurants vs. the stiff vests and suspenders synonymous with neo-speakeasies).

Rounding out the relaxed treat-yo’self interior is a clothing and lifestyle shop that specializes in business-casual brands like Mizzen+Main and Raffi, along with socks, ties, watches, and essential apothecary items like men’s moisturizer and shaving cream.⁣ Off-the-rack suits are coming soon for under $400, so you can walk in a complete schlub and leave a poor man’s Ryan Gosling.

Thoughtful $44 cuts can be booked online and cleanups in between appointments are free if you call ahead or email scheduling@fellassalon.com.

Fellas Habberdashery & Salon
1804 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul, MN; 651-219-4971.