Deep Cut

A better way to store records, courtesy of Crosslake woodworkers

We’ve already waxed at length about how much we dig Minnesota’s vinyl scene. But our love of the analog doesn’t start and end with record shops.

Deep Cut is a family-run business founded by brothers Rich and Clark Porter and their woodworking cousin Rob. All casual record collectors and second careerists, the trio set out two years ago to design a handsome, well-built system for storing vinyl. It needed to be minimalist, easy to install, and handcrafted in small batches from their wood shop in Crosslake, MN.

The guys came up with two solutions: Flip Record Display Shelves (from $65) and Wall Cubes (from $175). Each Flip holds up to 20 records—ideal for a modest collection or displaying whatever you’ve got in current rotation. The Danish Modern-inspired Wall Cubes, meanwhile, hold up to 65 records per unit using a discreet French cleat installation system.

The Porters launched their online shop in December 2018, shortly after hitting their $26,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo. In addition to Flips and Wall Cubes, the team also makes turntable-inspired drink coasters, U-shaped floating shelves, and beautiful cutting boards and serving blocks.

Scope their full line at deepcut.co or browse select products at Carousel + Folk, FindFurnish, and El Diablo Amps & Guitars in Minneapolis, The Maker’s Studio in Excelsior, and The Back Alley in Duluth — and say goodbye forever to generic Kallax shelving.