Reasons to Love Minnesota No. 60: Bang Brewing

Here's an idea: Let's day drink in a grain silo

One of Saint Paul’s most progressive breweries is run out of a steel grain silo that isn’t just there to look cool. (Although Bang Brewing certainly does.) It’s there to make people stop for a second and consider the ways we can actually help, rather than hurt, our environment. ⁣

Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo had “The Bin” custom built with reclaimed materials in 2013 to leave a small footprint on the surrounding area — a quiet pocket of St. Anthony Park — and fulfill the couple’s goals of running a sustainable, eco-friendly business. Hammering that point home are thoughtful touches like a beer garden enveloped by wildflowers and native prairie brush; facilities that are 100 percent wind-powered; and a commitment to organic ingredients that puts an emphasis on high-quality grains and hops rather than whatever is trending at the moment. ⁣

So while you won’t find beer that drinks like dessert here, Bang brews a dry and delightful Brut IPA, an earthy dark ale infused with Kopplin’s coffee, and a single-hop series that brings out the unique floral and fruity characters of everyone’s favorite bittering flower. Sandy and Jay have also shunned cans at a time when the rest of the industry has become completely reliant on them. True to their zero-waste mission, everything is piped into reusable growlers and bottles that can be returned to the brewery or its retail partners. ⁣

That may sound like work, but Bang has its regulars for a reason. And they’re about to become a permanent fixture now that patio season is in full swing and Northern Fires Pizza is serving food on Fridays (4 to 9 p.m.) and Saturdays (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Founded by former Alma chef Arie Peisert, it specializes in naturally leavened sourdough pies that alone are worth the trip. (We know because we used to walk over to the Kingfield Farmers Market on Sundays just to eat their breakfast pizza!)

Bang Brewing
2320 Capp Rd., St. Paul, MN; 651-243-2264.